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Do your reluctant writers feel bleh about writing?


Want to disguise writing so that your writers won't even realize they're doing it?

I found that when you disguise writing to the point students don't even know they are writing, 

✔️ they become more confident and willing to try new (and existing) writing skills and strategies

✔️ their overall writing stamina will grow (hello longer compositions and increased time spent writing)

✔️ their joy and interest will increase which will make the formal writing block less of a daily struggle

✔️ they will thrive vs. shutting down when being faced with a variety of writing genres

And the best part?

those moans, groans, and restroom breaks during writing time will no longer be your reality!

These collections will provide you with intriguing writing routines that can be completed in just 10 minutes or less!


Maybe you have seen these writing activities floating around on social media... well here they are!

→ You will be able to find all of the existing writing routine collections that have been created for The Daily Writing Disguise below.

→ Each collection showcases a visual of the routines included. Once you purchase the collection(s) you want, everything will appear in your library:

  • 20 quick and easy writing routines
  • Simple to read and implement lesson plans
  • Exemplars to use for modeling
  • Writing paper templates
  • Video walkthroughs that explain each routine 

→ Please take into account that when deciding to join monthly or annually, you can save more while you are building your collection. All of these collections are available for purchase at the current monthly pricing to those with monthly and annual access.

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These disguised writing routines will highly engage students while eliminating stress, pushback, and tears.


All in just 5-10 intentional minutes each day!

You may be wondering...