Word of the Day: disguise

Let's dig a little deeper into this word.


disguise (dis¬∑‚Äčguise)

verb: a means of altering one's appearance or concealing one's identity

In the world of learning, what if we could take this art of "disguise" and apply it to writing?


Imagine transforming the everyday writing task into an exhilarating experience where students are so captivated by the joy of writing, they forget they are practicing a skill.

Say less, sign me up!

There are two kinds of children you might recognize.

One finds writing challenging.

Meet Alex. Alex sits in front of a blank piece of paper, tapping their pencil, feeling stuck and frustrated. Writing feels like a big challenge to them. They start sentences but can't finish them, and their ideas don't come out right, making writing a task they dread rather than enjoy. They find other things to occupy their time as a distraction.

Each writing task is a reminder of struggle, not a doorway to creativity for this student. This barrier makes the joy of expressing themselves through words seem like a distant dream.

One finds writing enjoyable.

Meet Jordan. Always first to start writing, Jordan eagerly picks up their pencil with a smile. While enthusiastic, their paragraphs lack the sparkle of imagination and their sentences are simple and straightforward. They don't use many details or interesting words, so their writing, while complete, doesn't really shine or show off their personality.

This student has the willingness and the passion but has yet to discover how to weave their unique voice and personal flair into their writing, leaving their true potential just out of reach.

Sound familiar?

You see these challenges daily.

The hesitant writer who finds writing hard and discouraging, grappling with self-doubt, and the enthusiastic yet unpolished storyteller who likes writing but hasn't mastered how to consistently engage the reader.

Here's the good news...

Both kids are on the cusp of discovery, needing just the right nudge to unlock the skill of effective, enjoyable writing.

It's true!

They're both just a step away from loving writing and actually becoming really good at it. They need a bite-sized approach.

The SECRET is...

When it comes to writing, you have to disguise it; presenting it in a way that students won't expect.

Let's try it!

Take a moment to envision how it would feel to...

no longer feel the pressure of motivating reluctant writers, but instead, see them become self-motivated storytellers.

see your students eagerly dive into writing like never before, transforming the phrase "I can't." into "I can't wait!"

leave behind the days of staring at blank pages and uninspired faces to be replaced with excitement and curiosity.

watch students who used to struggle with writing now beam with pride over their creative writing.

have more time for yourself, knowing that writing activities are no longer a time-consuming puzzle to solve.

have your students begging for "just five more minutes" of writing time instead of counting down to recess.

experience the joy of reading stories written by your students that are so vivid, full of imagination and creativity. 

replace those unused minutes in your schedule with purposeful and intentional bite-sized activities to grow your writers. 

bask in the quiet glow of a classroom absorbed in writing, where the only sound is the scritch-scratch of ideas coming to life. 

find your own hidden passion for teaching writing, rediscovering it not as a task but as a true art form of expression. 

This can be your reality and so much more! 


Studies show

that short, consistent writing exercises significantly improve writing stamina, confidence, and mastery, helping students develop their skills in a focused and manageable way.


Research states

that this style of writing enhances students' writing abilities, fostering both skill development and a deeper engagement with the writing process.


The Daily Writing Disguise activities fall in alignment with research. 

YES, please! I NEED these results!

ūüĒď Unlock the power of disguised writing.


Where writing isn't just a task, it's an exposure to different types of writing and a practice of various writing skills and elements.

‚Źį¬†Implementation in¬†10 minutes or less!


Writing activities designed with your time in mind. These already-done-for-you activities will provide endless opportunities for kids!

Randy T. says,

"I don’t know what kind of magic sauce you put into these but wow, just wow. I was initially skeptical, not knowing how my students would do with these. It’s normally like pulling teeth and I feel like I've tried it all. Now, I get to enjoy 10 minutes of my hot coffee because all of my students are engaged in writing. Truly an added value. 

-4th grade teacher

Sara S. says,

"I got an email in all caps from a parent entitled ‚ÄėWHAT DID YOU DO?‚Äô and naturally I freaked out!! When I opened it, the mother was wondering what happened that day because her child, who NEVER shares about the day, got into the car and immediately shared about the FUN he had with WRITING! Such a win for her, him, and me! Thank you for your talents!"

-6th grade teacher

Tara R. says,

"I can’t believe the results. My most reluctant student is asking to write and my heart is so full. I looped with my students. To have another year with the same kid and a different attitude has been so refreshing. This program has changed my personal attitude and feelings about writing, too! THANK YOU!"

-3rd grade teacher

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  • increased student engagement, ease, simplicity, and RESULTS

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Top Features

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  • Access to a¬†growing library¬†of 400+¬†writing activities
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans with exemplars
  • Printable and digital writing paper templates
  • Icon activity cards
  • Video walkthroughs of each activity
  • Bonus files and activities



Top Features

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  • Access to a growing library of 400+¬†writing activities
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans with exemplars
  • Printable and digital writing paper templates
  • Icon activity cards
  • Video walkthroughs of each activity
  • Bonus files and activities

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Hey there, I'm Megan!

I am¬†absolutely writing-obsessed! My heart beats for the simple yet profound joy of words, and I thrive on keeping things straightforward, simple, and fun.¬†Witnessing the¬†incredible transformations in thousands of students through my creative writing activities is what gets me up in the morning ‚Ästit's like seeing the first rays of a sunrise, bringing new light and possibilities to each student's writing journey.

Feedback has been the fuel that keeps my creative engine running! Each piece of input I receive is a precious gem that inspires me to craft even more engaging and impactful writing adventures. My passion for literacy goes beyond mere skill development; I see it as a key that unlocks a world where communication, self-expression, and creativity are desired, valued, and appreciated.

To me, every teacher and parent is a trailblazer, carving out paths of opportunity and learning for their students and children; and I am here as your dedicated cheerleader and coach, armed with writing activities and support to help make growing skilled writers a joyful and rewarding experience.

The Daily Writing Disguise was specially curated to ignite sparks of creativity and fan the flames of joy in every writing session. Our goal is to transform the often daunting task of writing into an exhilarating experience. We provide resources for students to uncover and delve into the diverse purposes and motivations behind writing. Through engaging with a variety of writing formats, styles, and techniques, students learn to communicate effectively with their intended audience, strengthening their skills in a fun and dynamic environment - your classroom!

The quick nature of these writing activities is intentional. Students will build their stamina more and more each day with their exposure to these fast writing opportunities. The short periods of time are not overwhelming for students and they get to experience more successful "wins" with every activity completed!

Let's foster a genuine love of writing in every student, together.

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