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Let's Get Students Excited About Writing!

Implement engaging writing routines that pique curiosity, increase enjoyment, and spark a love for writing.


You might be experiencing...

❌ Dislike. If anything has to be cut from the schedule, writing is the first thing to go.

❌ Defeat. No matter what you try, your students just dread writing time.

❌ Conflict. You do not love writing, therefore it's hard to teach your students to love it.

❌ Stress. There are just too many standards to teach, and it's difficult to fit it all in.

❌ Fatigue. You are tired of coming up with new ideas only for your students to stay bored.

❌ Confusion. You don't even know where to start with getting your students excited about writing.

❌ Lack of Confidence. You don't feel skilled or supported as a writing teacher.

Or maybe you are feeling...

✔️ Excited! You enjoy teaching writing daily and are constantly looking for new ideas!

✔️ Bold! You are up for the challenge to change your students' feelings about writing!

✔️ Rejuvenated! You are ready to try something new in order to get new results!

What if I told you that adding effective writing opportunities into your day is beneficial and can be SIMPLE

Quick & Easy

If you have just 10 minutes or less, these writing routines are perfect for you! Fill that time with purposeful writing!

Huge Variety

The writing activities are creative and change month to month! Keep your students eagerly guessing about what's coming next!

Done For You

Everything you need is already done for you - simply follow the guide! Watch on as your students grow and thrive as writers!

Writing Made Simple is guaranteed to support you if

✔️ you or your students feel bleh when it comes to writing

✔️ you are unable to find the time to prep and plan quick writing experiences that will hold your students' attention

✔️ you have that awkward 5-10 minute chunk of time in your schedule that has no true subject assigned to it (I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about)

✔️ you are looking to engage your writers daily with QUICK writing routines they will keep asking for

Here's the good news...

those moans, groans, and restroom breaks during writing time will no longer be your reality!

New Routines Each Month

I know firsthand the importance of student engagement. Each month, you will have access to new writing routines and share time ideas that will have kids begging for more!

Low Prep/No Prep

Project the writing routine slide on the screen and be on your way! While students can write directly in their notebooks, any routines that may offer templates are simply print and go!

Teacher Support

Each month you will receive:

✔️ a video walkthrough of each routine so you can feel confident and prepared in what to do!

✔️ lesson plans to guide you through the structure of each SIMPLE writing activity.

✔️ exemplars to assist you if you need a hand. You will not have to come up with examples on your own; these are great for modeling!


Writing Made Simple was designed to help disguise writing in such a way that students won't even realize they are doing it! Putting quick and easy-to-use writing activities right into the hands of teachers is top priority! These routines are known to highly engage students while eliminating stress, pushback, and tears!


This membership will provide you with intriguing writing routines that can be completed in just 10 minutes or less!



You can cancel at any time.

  • New Writing Routine Slides Each Month
  • Print and Go Templates
  • Video Walkthroughs of Each Activity
  • Easy-to-Use Lesson Plans with Exemplars
  • ...and surprise goodies here and there!

Just 50 cents per day!




One annual payment of $150.

  • New Writing Routine Slides Each Month
  • Print and Go Templates
  • Video Walkthroughs of Each Activity
  • Easy-to-Use Lesson Plans with Exemplars
  • ...and surprise goodies here and there!

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Hey! I'm Megan!

I can't wait to cheer you on as your students go from, "Do we haaaave to?!" to "Whyyyyy do we have to stop?!" Sounds like a dream, right? Well, I am here to tell you that dreams do come true!

Teaching writing is hard. It is even harder when the feelings connected to it are the opposite of love, excitement, and joy. From teaching 2nd grade to 4th grade, the emotion to describe writing was pretty unanimous amongst the class: boring.

I knew I had to do something.

My love and passion for teaching writing grew tremendously as I designed, planned, and prepped SIMPLE writing activities that would support and entice my writers in a way I never really knew was possible.

This membership was created to be a specific place where writing teachers, like you, can come to gain confidence, support, and ideas! Writing can be made simple.


You may be wondering...


The Literacy Dive resources have my students WANTING to write! They look forward to what the writing will be each day! I can't give them enough time to keep writing!

Cheyenne O.

Incredible! Megan's expertise in writing shows through the well-crafted resources she creates! They are easy for kids to use independently. My students love writing now and are actually asking to write! I am thankful and so grateful!

Sean L.

Seeing students' hands raise to share their writing is something I am not used to seeing. Thank you for creating such student-centered resources. My ESL students are gaining confidence in writing and in speaking.

Are you ready to enhance the way you bring writing into your classroom?

Say goodbye to the crickets! Your students will be willing to share!
Yes! Yes! I AM READY!