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Want to disguise writing so that your writers won't even realize they're practicing?

YES! I don't need to read any further!

These disguised writing routines will highly engage students while eliminating stress, pushback, and tears.


All in just 5-10 intentional minutes each day!

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You and I both know that

students don’t spend enough time writing.

👀 When you don't find the time to engage students in quick writing opportunities, the result is...

→ Increased stress

→ Overwhelm

→ Lack of creativity

→ Bare minimum effort

→ Disengagement

→ Boredom

I'm not here to judge.

Maybe pulling teeth and hearing every excuse in the book to avoid writing is your jam. Maybe disengagement and the repeated chant, "Do we haaaaaave toooooo?" doesn't bother you.


Oof. Here's the honest truth: Not much will change if you don't prioritize quick, daily, disguised writing opportunities.


My hope for you is that you will be able to mention the word "writing" and your writers will no longer duck, dodge, or hide, but rather sit up confidently, eager, and ready to engage!

A mindless solution could be 10 minutes of daily "free write", but...



So guess what I did?

I've cracked the case!

It's all about disguising writing in such a way that your writers won't even realize that they are ACTUALLY writing...

I found that when you disguise writing to the point students don't even know they are writing, 

✔️ they become more confident and willing to try new (and existing) writing skills and strategies

✔️ their overall writing stamina will grow (hello longer compositions and increased time spent writing)

✔️ their joy and interest will increase which will make the formal writing block less of a daily struggle

✔️ they will thrive vs. shutting down when being faced with a variety of writing genres

And the best part?

those moans, groans, and restroom breaks during writing time will no longer be your reality!

Yep, it's true. I've shared this method of quick, intentional writing with THOUSANDS of teachers,

and now I officially want to share it with you!

Teaching writing is hard. It is even harder when the feelings connected to it are the opposite of love, excitement, and joy. Moving from 2nd grade to 4th grade sure had its differences, but the emotion to describe writing was pretty unanimous amongst the class: boring.

I knew I had to do something.

My love and passion for teaching writing grew tremendously as I designed, planned, and prepped SIMPLE writing activities that would support and entice my writers in a way I never really knew was possible. I saw results.

I didn't stop there. I started introducing these quick writing opportunities with other teachers and was completely mindblown by their immediate feedback and reactions!

These routines will spark interest in the most reluctant of writers and have the ability to foster more creativity in those who love writing.

The secret sauce is just one word that changed the game: DAILY.

I am THRILLED to now introduce these to you!

So here it is.

I am ready to see this!

Yay! Check out what's included!

New Routines Each Month

I know firsthand the importance of student engagement. Each month, you will have access to 20 new writing animated routines (4 different types and 5 of each) that disguise writing to use each day along with different share time ideas that will have kids begging for more!

Low Prep/No Prep

Project the writing routine slide on the screen or device and be on your way! While students can write directly in their notebooks, the routines include templates that are simply print and go!

Teacher Support

With each collection, you will receive:

✔️ video walkthroughs of each disguised routine so you can feel confident and prepared in what to do!

✔️ lesson plans to guide you through the structure of each SIMPLE writing activity.

✔️ exemplars to assist you if you need a hand. You will not have to come up with examples on your own; these are great for modeling and will instantly make YOU the writing expert!

Check Out The Current Collection!

Each monthly collection will provide you with intriguing writing routines that can be completed in just 10 minutes or less!



Pay as you go. Cancel any time.

  • A Collection of 20 new, animated writing routine slides each month
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans with exemplars
  • Print and go templates
  • Icon picture cards
  • Video walkthroughs of each activity
  • ...and surprise goodies here and there!

You will receive this collection AND the next collection with your first payment... then just 30 cents per day

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One annual payment of $99.

  • A Collection of 20 new, animated writing routine slides each month
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans with exemplars
  • Print and go templates
  • Icon picture cards
  • Video walkthroughs of each activity
  • ...and surprise goodies here and there!

End up with one month free when you pay upfront PLUS a bonus month! You are set with routines for one year! 

Please Note: Your membership will begin with the current collection shown above and will grow from there.


Do you prefer to pick and choose your collections? I get it...



Select your preferred collections.

  • Each collection has 20 animated writing routine slides for use
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans with exemplars
  • Print and go templates
  • Icon picture cards
  • Video walkthroughs of each activity

No monthly commitment.

Stack your collections a la carte!


FAQ that you may be wondering...

Are you ready to start disguising writing using my collections of writing routines?

Say goodbye to the crickets! Your students will be WILLING to share!
I am READY to DISGUISE writing!